Grade Book

Grade book is a fully featured management tool in IrisTutor that allows teachers and course administrators to simultaneously view grade information across all courses and notify students when assignments are graded.

Speed Grader

SpeedGrader is a slick interface that allows teachers to quickly score, provide feedback, and engage in dialog with students on submitted assignments, discussion participation, and quizzes.

Dashboards and Reports

An array of intuitive and analytical dashboard and MIS reports which can be used to get up-to-date information on the students’ progress. Easily generate Student Reports, Compliance Reports and Administrative Reports from a single source of data with option to export it to multiple file types, print and save. Account-level admins have access to 11 standard IrisTutor reports.


  1. Grade Exportshows the student final grade results for all students in a given term.
  2. Last User Accessshows the last login for active users.
  3. Outcome Resultsshows the learning outcome results for all students. This report also includes question banks.
  4. Provisioningwill export all the needed information that relates to provisioning IrisTutor.
  5. Recently Deleted Coursesshows all the courses for a given term that have been deleted in the last 30 days.
  6. SIS Exportwill export all the needed files for Users, Accounts, Terms, Courses, Sections, Enrollments, Groups, Group Memberships, and Cross Listings.
  7. Student Competencyshows the outcomes results for all students. For detailed reports, create outcomes at the account or sub-account level and add those outcomes to course activities. Course level Outcomes are not included in the report.
  8. Students with no submissionsshows all students enrolled in a course in a given term that have not submitted an assignment between the given date range in a course.
  9. Unpublished Coursesshows all the courses for a given term that are not published.
  10. Unused Coursesshows all courses that have none of the following items: assignments, announcements, discussions, files, modules, pages, or quizzes.
  11. Zero Activityshows all the students enrolled in any courses in a given term.

IrisTutor also supports customized reports and dashboards.