Announcements / Notification

IrisTutor has the option to setup announcements in a course, and  it is capable of sending and receiving messages or notifications to and from students and groups.  Notification options can you used for faculty and students using Facebook, Twitter, SMS and more. Tightly integrated with Google docs enable students to viewing / editing of documents online.


Upload and display video, audio, PDF, office documents and much more. Adding audio and video to your course is easy with the IrisTutor. You can create video based courses or compliment your course content with the videos. Embed any kind of audio, video, presentations and images to the Wiki pages


Easy to use calendar with live feed for other calendar clients

The Calendar helps everyone stay on schedule and up-to-date. You can keep track of all the graded assignments and their due dates. You can easily integrate your class schedules and courses on the web-based class calendar for easy viewing which includes weekly and monthly overviews with the color codes.


We strongly believe in partnering with professional consultants and organizations that share our passion to provide next generation eLearning technology and training methodologies. This cooperation can be done on a regional basis or country specific. This way we can reach out to more clientele crossing geographic spheres.

We see partnerships like a two way street where ideas and strategies are conversed to bring out the best concepts to target specific customer needs, enhance the quality of services that can be provided, improve market penetration and ensure customer satisfaction.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us (, we are keen to explore opportunities with technology driven companies to work with us as consultant partners or reseller partners or OEM partner.